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Do you own your own business? 


Bay Breeze specializes in assisting self-employed business owners handle all of their accounting and tax needs, so small business owners can concentration on growing their business. 

There are many financial and accounting challenges you face while focusing on your business.  All small businesses have special tax situations to consider. Even Etsy shops and other home based businesses place tax requirements on the owner. 


A few important tax questions to consider:

  • Do you need to pay estimates?  How much you should be paying? 

  • Should you be collecting sales tax from your customers on your sales? 

  • Should you become an LLC or remain a sole proprietor?

  • Do you qualify for the home office deduction?  If yes, what expenses do you need to track during the year?

  • Are you ready to hire employees?  What are the steps to hire them?

  • Do you use an accounting software, such as QuickBooks, to track your business income and expenses?  Do you need help starting?

"Sheri has made accounting something I know longer dread or fear,

but instead an aspect of my life I feel comfortable and secure in."

Shannon Logan, TrueCore CrossFit

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